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The Indispensable Nation? America’s Role on the World Stage

with Andrew Bacevich

Original Forum date: Nov 19, 2015

About Andrew Bacevich

Andrew Bacevich is a historian, an expert on national security, and a former professor of International Relations and History at Boston University. Before coming to Boston University, he taught at Johns Hopkins University and at his alma mater, West Point. He holds a Ph.D. in American Diplomatic History from Princeton University. After serving in the U. S. Army in Vietnam, Germany, and the Persian Gulf, he retired in the 1990s with the rank of lieutenant colonel. He is the bestselling author of Washington Rules, an examination of America’s foreign policy and military strategy; The Limits of Power, a look at our gridlocked government, overstretched military, and struggling economy; and Breach of Trust, an exploration of the gap between America’s soldiers and the society that sends them to war.