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The Westminster Town Hall Forum challenges its audience to evaluate current issues using an ethical lens, just as it has for more than forty years.

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What to expect

Since 1980, the Westminster Town Hall Forum has hosted free and open public talks by some of the most important and inspiring speakers in the world. Our mission is to invite voices of conscience to address the issues of the day from an ethical perspective. On this site, you can learn about the Town Hall Forum, upcoming events, joining us in person, joining us online, listening to our podcast, and accessing our archives. Thanks for spending time with us.

How to donate

By contributing to the Town Hall Forum, you play an important role in fostering education, intellectual enrichment, and community engagement. You can learn more about supporting our work with a financial gift here. Like most nonprofits, we provide a user-friendly online platform that allows donors to contribute securely. If you’re interested in offering ongoing support, you have the option to make a recurring donation.